I’m often asked what websites, courses, tools and resources I’d recommend for writers.

This is not an exhaustive list of all websites, resources and software that’s out there for writers. It’s a list of tools that I personally use, endorse and recommend.

The list will grow, expand and change over time, so shouldn’t be considered definitive at any point, but will always be accurate.


Representation & trade bodies

The Alliance of Independent Authors: A worldwide organisation solely for indie authors. Hosts twice-yearly fringe events.

The Society of Authors: A UK-based trade union open to indie authors all around the world.


Retailers & distribution

Draft2Digital: Sell your books on a wide range of platforms, all through one dashboard. Free to use.


Book formatting

Vellum: Mac-based software used for creating beautiful book files. Simple, intuitive and very cost-effective if you plan to write a handful of books.


Email marketing

Mailchimp: One of the most popular tools for maintaining a mailing list. Free for your first 2,000 subscribers, with scaled payment options thereafter.



The Creative Penn: Joanna Penn has a number of different courses over at that are well respected in the industry.

Multiple Streams of Income From Your Writing: Turn your books into a business and become truly independent.

Content Marketing for Fiction: Learn how to use content marketing to sell fiction.

Turn What You Know Into An Online Course: Do you have a non-fiction book, specialist knowledge or skills? Learn how to turn that into a course.

How to Write a Novel: If you are just starting out and struggling with your first novel, this takes you through the whole process. 

How To Write a Non-Fiction Book: Do you have specialist knowledge that could change minds or lives? Learn how to put it on the page and reach your audience.

Productivity For Authors: Need more time to write? Joanna will show you how to make the most of the time you have.


Marketing tools

Publisher Rocket: A piece of software to help you find the best Amazon categories and AMS keywords for your marketing campaigns.



I’m always completely open and transparent. Some links contain an affiliate ID code, meaning the provider pays me a small commission for referring you. This will cost you nothing, and has absolutely no bearing on my recommendation of that particular service. I only recommend resources I personally use or recommend, regardless of affiliate status.