I don’t believe that one size fits all in this industry. Everyone’s needs and requirements are different, and different things will work for different people.

But there’s still a huge demand for me to help authors take their careers on to the next stage. With that in mind, I launched my private author coaching service in 2018.

A quick word of warning, though. Demand for my private coaching is extremely high. In 2018, I could only take on 18% of the authors who asked for private coaching. Places are extremely limited.

Occasionally, though, I do have some slots available for new authors.

And there are three very good reasons why you might want to contact me or get on the waiting list:

  1. This is not a course. It’s one-on-one coaching. Just you and me, working together to boost your book sales and kick your author career on to the next stage.
  2. We’ll cover more than just ads and marketing. The private coaching will encompass all areas of your author career.
  3. It will be completely guided by you and tailored to you. No templates, no pre-produced materials. I will be your private and personal mentor.

We’ll look at all aspects of your author career based on where you feel you need help at that moment in time, with practical tips and feedback you can implement straight away.

Please note: Places are EXTREMELY limitedI’ll only take on authors I can genuinely help and who I’m confident can get great results with my advice.

If you’d like to apply for private coaching, please contact me.

Not yet convinced? Here’s what a few of my existing clients have said:

During the first session, Adam suggested I make a few changes to my ads, along with some aesthetic changes to my book pages, to see how they impacted on my sales. Everything he recommended was easily actionable, and I made the changes straight after the session ended.

Later the same day, some of my ads (which had previously had few/no clicks) started to perform. Readers were clicking and buying. Just after a few hours.

Since the first session a week ago, my sales have increased on all outlets, my income has doubled, and the ads continue to perform. It’s great to see my Amazon sales picking up again, but it’s the increase in my wide sales that’s so encouraging, and the fact that my books are selling in countries they’ve never sold in before.

Incidentally, all this happened after my first coaching session.

— Sherrie Briault

If you are sitting on the fence and not sure, I am halfway through with him and so far:

  • Increased my subscribers whilst reducing my expenditure.
  • Effectively he cut my cost per click by 75%!
  • Improved my automated email list. He found a few own goals that I had completly missed and to focus more on relationship building.
  • Massively improved my Facebook ads, far more focused and I am actually selling books now from them.
  • Improved my mindset on advertising.
  • Given me some simple but very clever things to help improve the possibility of sales. For now and in the future.

I consider investing that money as an investment in myself. Being a full time author is a long term plan I feel with Adam’s help I have moved even closer to my goal and helped me with my long term success.

— Christopher Moss

If you’d like to apply for private coaching, please contact me.