The Indie Author Mindset Podcast


Are you looking for the latest tips, strategies and news that will enhance your author business? 

The Indie Author Mindset Podcast is for you. Every week, I pack each episode of the with the latest self publishing news, as well as a bunch of  juicy tips and actionable strategies.

Don’t have time to mess around?

Me neither. We’re all busy, so my aim is to keep each episode under 15 minutes.

If you like my blunt and to-the-point approach from the Indie Author Mindset books, you’ll find more of it here. In each episode I will:

  • Share tips and strategies that have worked for me, using real world examples.
  • Tell you what is working best for me – right now.
  • Address current issues affecting independent authors like you.
  • Use my industry contacts to get the facts from the horse’s mouth.
  • Give you a ninja tip every episode that you can use to improve your business immediately.
  • Cut the waffle! I promise to keep it short and succinct

The Indie Author Mindset Podcast is aimed at authors at all levels.

It will inform, motivate and keep your author business in shape.

Listeners to The Indie Author Mindset Podcast also get the biggest discounts on my courses. Keep an ear out for the code when you listen.

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