As indie authors, we’re told that lots of things are vital if we want to find new readers and have success in our careers. Sometimes, they’re right.

When it comes to blurbs and hooks, they definitely are.

(Full disclosure at this point: I know book descriptions aren’t technically called blurbs, but it’s long been in common parlance so let’s roll with it.)

The importance of your book’s blurb or hook can’t be overstated. Alongside your cover, it’s the first thing prospective readers see when browsing for books online. This is, quite literally, your chance to make a first great impression.


Fighting for eyeballs


Load up the Amazon page for one of your books and take a look at how many other books are being advertised there. I’ll do it here, with The Indie Author Mindset.


Adam Croft's The Indie Author Mindset Amazon listing


Boom. There we have it. Title, price, reviews, cover and product description, all front and centre. Why? Because Amazon knows these are the factors which influence readers to buy a book — or not.

If you’ve hooked them by this point, great. If you haven’t, there’s a whole host of other places they can disappear off to without even leaving your product page. Amazon literally throws products at them — many from other authors — and the last thing you want is to be shelling out advertising dollars just to send readers to someone else’s books.


Joanna Penn's Mindset book


Right underneath the book description itself is an ad for Joanna Penn’s (excellent) book The Successful Author Mindset. And under that?


Also Bought listing from Amazon


Four more books you might like to buy, which aren’t the one I’ve paid to advertise. Okay, so one of them is still mine, but you get the point.

Let’s scroll down another little bit…


Sponsored Products carousel from Amazon


Sponsored products. More ads, and all on the page I’ve paid to advertise. And look — that’s just number 1 of 4 pages on the ad scroller. There are over one hundred other products advertised on each of your Amazon product pages.

That is why it is key to hook the reader and secure them as quickly as possible.


First impressions count — and make you money


Generally speaking, the two most important factors for readers in determining whether they’re going to like your book is its cover and product description.

Changing your cover is laborious and, most probably, expensive. Tweaking your blurb or product description, however, is free and only takes a few minutes. And those few minutes could revolutionise your book sales. Let me explain.

Let’s say your book is up at $3.99. Now let’s also say you revamp your blurb and end up getting a paltry one extra sale a day. Hardly worth it, right? Wrong.

That $3.99 book is likely to net you around $2.75 in royalties from Amazon. Each day. Again, not a lot, right? Again, wrong.

Across a year, that tweak to your blurb will have netted you more than an extra $1,000 in royalties.

($2.75 royalty x 365 days = $1,003.75)

And that’s if your tweaked blurb only gets you one extra sale per day. What if it gets you an extra two? Or five? Or twenty?

Above all, that is why getting your blurb or product description right is absolutely key.


You could even revolutionise your career


When I nailed the blurb and hook for Her Last Tomorrow, it quite literally changed my life overnight. Within weeks, that book had earned enough to pay off my mortgage. And I did it again more recently with Tell Me I’m Wrong, which was even more successful.

So this isn’t just pie-in-the-sky stuff. Even with a relatively poor increase of one sale per day, you’re looking at $1,000 in your pocket by the end of the year. And for what? A few minutes spent rewriting your blurb.

Has this convinced you to take another look at your blurbs? If so, you might like to check out my new mini-course, Writing Killer Blurbs and Hooks, which is yours for just $29. That gives you access for life, including all updates and revisions, and you can learn at your own pace.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect your blurbs — because they could quite literally revolutionise your career.