Let’s talk about the importance of an email list for authors.

New authors may be under the impression that you can simply write a book, upload it to all the online bookstores and then just wait for the royalty cheques to roll in. While that can happen, it is highly unlikely.


Why? No one knows you exist, nor do they care


Getting your book noticed and winning new fans can be extremely difficult in the ever-expanding sea of new authors. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and some of it could send you off on a wrong and very expensive path.

There are so many ways to attract an audience that you might be confused about where to begin. Because even if you’ve been at this for a while, you might not know where best to focus your efforts for the maximum result.


Building a mailing list is the most powerful way to grow your author business


You might argue that you can achieve similar results through advertising. Or that you can do it by posting on social media or by building your fan base on sites like Amazon, BookBub, Facebook, etc. Others may say that shouting about your books from the rooftops will help.

 I disagree. And here is why.


Your mailing list has incredible features that nothing else does


  • Ownership – Once someone has signed up for your list and entrusted you with their email address, they are yours. No one can take them away from you (except themselves, should they choose to unsubscribe.)
  • Stability – It is true that advertising, social media, and building a following on Amazon, BookBub, Facebook, Goodreads, and others can help broaden your reach. However, those sites could change their model tomorrow. They have done so in the past. As a result your followers on each of them could vanish.
  • Low Cost – You will need to pay for an email list provider once you achieve a certain number of subscribers. However the cost per person on your list is minimal, so each one is a highly valuable asset. They are warm prospects for all of your future work. So sending one email to a sizeable list can send your sales soaring.


The reality


Remember that $500 I said you could get from a single email?

I know that every time I send an email out to my mailing list I’ll get around $500 in book sales, directly from that email. I’m not talking about new release emails here — I’m talking about boring, regular fortnightly update emails.

That kind of result is the reality of building and cultivating an engaged mailing list.


Okay, I’m ready. How do I go about building a mailing list?


I’m delighted to announce that my new course Grow Your Mailing List is now open for enrollment. The course will show you:

  • The two different schools of list building. In addition, I’ll show you how and when to use both
  • Which methods of list building will get you the most engaged subscribers
  • How to use your mailing list to continually sell your older titles
  • How to boost engagement and turn casual readers into superfans

I’m really excited about this course. Beta students have already started putting the methods they’ve learned into action.

The course is only $49 and could literally turn your mailing list into a sales machine. You have access to the course for life, including all updates and revisions, and you can learn at your own pace.

Whatever you do, do not underestimate your mailing list. It could be the difference between selling books and shouting to no one on your rooftop.




Click here sign up to Grow Your Mailing List.