It is impossible to say that you will never fail at the business of writing. However, it is absolutely certain that someone else has already failed at it before you ever got started.

Equally, it is also impossible to know what will succeed for your writing business. But it is certain that someone else has already experienced that success.


What’s the point?


The point is that writing, and all that makes up publishing independently, can be a very solitary endeavour. The job of getting the words on the page falls primarily on your shoulders. However, there are many ways that you can connect with like-minded individuals or groups to make the remaining facets of publishing far easier.  


Find your group of writers.


You can do this in person or online. Many library calendars have writer groups that meet regularly. And there are a plethora of social media groups for authors.

There are thousands of us out there going through the same challenges. It can be very beneficial to share these with others.

Someone may have just conquered the very thing that is stifling your progress and be able to help you over that hurdle.

Take my Facebook group: The Indie Author Mindset. There are hundreds of authors here (including myself) who generously share what they are going through. We offer insights, knowledge, suggestions for overcoming stumbling blocks and praises for successes.  


Build a network for the things you can’t do on your own.


The idea that I put forth in my book, The Indie Author Mindset, is that you must treat this as a business rather than a hobby if you want to be a professional author.

As such, you will need a professional cover, editing, formatting, web design, etc. Although there might be some things on this list that you can do for yourself, many of us will need to outsource them.

The networks of other authors that you find can be a goldmine of trusted and respected resources for your business. When you find professionals that understand your work and produce the high quality services you need, you will have a network already in place for producing your next book.  


Join (or create) a mastermind group.


When you have experienced some success there are things that a group of more seasoned authors know that could help you take your career to the next level. However, be aware that the advice and suggestions discussed in a mastermind group are not always useful for beginning writers.

Many mastermind groups will have authors, editors, cover designers, podcasters, and marketers in them. They share high level experiences about what is currently happening in the world of independent publishing.  


Find a mentor.


Having a mentor is similar to joining a mastermind group, but on a more personal level. A mentor is someone you can talk to about specific issues you’re having. Or who can help answer questions about a path you’re thinking of taking.

They can be an ear to listen to your complaints and a champion to share your successes. Many times, they can shorten your learning curve, and steer you away from common pitfalls.

They have often made the journey you are on successfully and can help you leap forward using their experience to guide you.

I occasionally offer — but do not advertise — private coaching for indie authors. This consists of two one-on-one private coaching sessions, during which I’ll show you how to increase your book sales and find more readers, using methods, which I believe will best apply to you.

This is not a course and doesn’t involve any pre-prepared material; it’s all completely bespoke and tailored to the individual. I very rarely open up to new students and only ever have an extremely limited number of places available.

Keep an eye on The Indie Author Mindset Facebook group for when I am next offering coaching sessions.


Find your network, find your path.


There are a multitude of paths that can take you to the top of independent publishing. But along those paths there are pitfalls and hazards that can not only make your journey more difficult, but also in some cases can derail it altogether.

The good news is that there are many of us who know how to avoid those pitfalls and we are more than willing to share our knowledge with you.

Seek out connections, find a network, and enjoy the ride.